Style Guru


We look as good as we feel, therefore we feel as good as we look.

With over 20 years of experience in the clothing industry, we have designed for the individual as well as the hi-street and restaurants. From casual wear to elaborate bride and groom wear.


Many of our designs as well as styling have featured in the media or been used in publicity material for some of the most desirable locations and weddings, like the magical and historic Amberly Castle in West Sussex.






In the past we have travelled extensively for the most unique fabrics and trim, sometimes using the same suppliers to television and the stars.


We have connections with some of the most top hair and make-up companies, not to mention professional photographers.





Are experienced staff can offer you a number of services within these areas.

We can re-style your look no matter wether your looking for something mainstream casual or something flamboyant and colorful.






When it comes to advice on a new look, color and style. This comes second nature to us. Not only can we advise on a new outfit. We can re-style your whole look as well as your wardrobe.


One of our staff would even be happy to escort you on a shopping trip to help with those difficult decisions.