When we say bedroom, what we should say is boudoir.

With great attention to detail we believe a bedroom should be space that can express whatever your imagination desires; whether it be indulgent, luxurious, comforting or romantic…












A beautiful bedroom should touch all the senses and there’s no reason why you can’t also have all the best modern conveniences hidden away until you wish to use them. From Flat Screen TVs to surround sound and of course the all important romantic mood lighting.

We can create designs from all your ideas.




























Traditional, Modern or Fantasy, Alando London inspires.

Vibrant colours, sumptuous fabrics and attention to detail, not forgetting the all important mood lighting. We travel exclusively to search out the most unique furniture to complement your Bedroom.

We also make sure that everything lives up to expectation and lasts, what ever or how ever much you want to enjoy this space.