Bring the outdoors in. We have experience in roof terrace and balcony spaces, giving them a real wow factor for entertaining friends or family…

From the best in artificial (low maintenance) plants to the best real plants and shrubs; and how to keep them looking good all year round.


From years of experience we only recommend the most durable materials and products for outdoors, most of which have been tried and tested.

Outdoor Audio or Visual Systems
Water features
Plants (Real or Artificial)
Automatic Watering Systems




Making the most of outdoor spaces can really increase the sale and rental value of a property.

By utilising this space you are adding an extra room to your property.  Most roof or balcony spaces can be adapted and individual styles can be reflected in the designs we can create for you.

A canopy can be installed for rainy or sunny days and external heating for keeping you warm on chilly evenings.  This extends the length of time that you can use this space throughout the year.



We can brighten up any dark corner with our range of lighting or water feature ideas.